Following Jesus is Worth It Ex-Transgender Woman Speaks

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October 6, 2019

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Jeffrey McCall: Following Jesus is Worth It Ex-Transgender Woman Speaks | Conversion Stories

A man formerly living as a transgender woman has given his powerful testimony of how he came to exchange his life of homosexual promiscuity for following Jesus Christ.

From living as a trans-woman to dealing with depression and addiction to finding his true identity in Christ Jesus and the freedom in Him.

Jeffrey McCall, who once organized the “Freedom March” in D.C. , spent years living as a woman named Scarlet. Then, God spoke to him, and everything changed.

Despite many secular media outlets reporting that the march was advocating “conversion therapy” McCall set the record straight. “This freedom march was about the transformational power of the Holy Spirit,” he declared.

“I was living as a female,” McCall told the crowd at the march, which gathered together ex-gay and transgender people who have chosen to live lives of chastity to honor Christ, as reported by LifeSite News.

McCall further explained that when he was younger, he went to see a psychiatrist and was on the verge of undergoing gender transitioning surgeries.

When I turned away from my old life as “Scarlet” — a trans “woman” — and embraced my new life in Christ, I lost all my friends – Jeffrey McCall.

“One night I was secretly listening to a preacher in my apartment,” McCall continued. “I called out to the Lord, and asked, ‘Will I ever live for you? … I’ve seen real people live for you … not just going to church; They have relationships with you, and they have peace and joy.”

“I had wanted to kill myself,” McCall continued in his testimony. “I was spiritually bankrupt; I was destitute.”

Then, at that moment, McCall knew he “was being convicted by the Holy Spirit that there is so much more than [what] I had been a part of.”

McCall decided it was time to make a choice.

“‘If I follow you, it will be all the way. I don’t do things half-way. I didn’t do things half-way in the world; I’m not going to do things half-way with you,’” he told the Lord. “And so I took all my life as Scarlet and I went to a dumpster and threw it all away—the clothes, the hair, the make-up, the jewelry, the shoes, my whole identity—I threw it away to follow Jesus.”

McCall had visited Robertson last summer to tell his story on Robertson’s In the Woods with Phil CRTV show.

During the video interview, McCall explained that when he turned away from his old life as “Scarlet” — a trans “woman” — and embraced his new life in Christ, he lost all his friends.

Robertson quickly assured McCall, “I am your brother.”

“Your brothers and sisters love you, they really do, and I do, too,” said Robertson. “You are to be commended for seeing the error of your ways, and turning to to God.”

“I am thankful and I am honored, Jeffrey, to call you my brother, a son of God,” added Robertson. “I love you, dude.”

As the two walked away from the set after the interview, Robertson warned McCall that he would undergo persecution and defamatory comments for proclaiming the freedom he had found in Christ.

“Even when people persecute you, keep going,” said Robertson, encouraging McCall. “What you are doing is ‘Kingdom work.’’’

McCall told LifeSiteNews that Robertson’s words meant a lot to him. “It was awesome to hear this coming from someone who has been out in the limelight who has also been persecuted for his beliefs.”

McCall is the driving force behind the Freedom March, first held May 2018 in Washington.

The racially diverse group of mostly Millennials — formerly sexually active gays and lesbians as well as others who had lived as “transgenders” (assuming the identity of a member of the opposite sex) — has faced plenty of opposition after publicly proclaiming the freedom its members have found through Jesus Christ.

Most of the opposition has come from the secular press, progressive commentators, and LGBT groups, who are quick to dismiss these young men and women as promoting “conversion therapy.”

But their stories are not based on “reparative therapy,” so-called attempts to “pray the gay away,” or other efforts to change sexual orientation. The message they proclaim is about their conversion to Jesus Christ and the transformation that comes after embracing their new identities as adopted children of God.

Here’s how the growing group of former gays, lesbians, and transgender men and women describe their mission:

Freedom March is a diverse group of Christians who have been delivered from LGBTQ lifestyles. Our purpose is to connect, bridge, and equip. We accomplish this mission through connecting fellow overcomers, reaching out to the LGBTQ community in each city, and equipping the local church. We seek to bring hope of deliverance to the LGBTQ community and point them to Christ! We are passionate speakers, pastors, parents, worshippers, activists, and students young and old from all across the U.S.A. Freedom March is not about suppression. It’s about FREEDOM.

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