The Following Daily Devotionals & reading plans feature great devotionals that will help us understand how God has equipped us to live out our faith in all parts of our lives, including in the workplace. We will be taking look at the series on WORK today and on more subsequent days.

Daily Devotionals & Bible Reading Plan On Work | Part 1 |

How To Maximise Your Life By Hilsong

The 1st on this list is Hillsong’s ”How To Maximise Your Life” Join the thousands of people already engaged in this plan and learn how to build intimate and meaningful relationships and find the balance to healthy living and wholeness as you discover your most BLESSED life.

The Most Excellent Way To Lead

The 2nd on this list is Perry Noble ”How To Maximise Your Life” From time to time, every leader needs to take a gut check. Whether you’re leading others at your job, in your church, on your campus, or in your home, none of us want to fail in the leadership opportunities we’ve been given

Next Steps To Fulfilling God’s Plan For Your Life!

The 3rd on this list is Adonis Lenzy’s Next Steps To Fulfilling God’s Plan For Your Life! God’s Word can equip you to hurdle the obstacles that are keeping you from following His plan and equip you to take the necessary Next steps to fulfilling His purpose for your Life.

Demonstrating God's Presence In Business

The 4th on this list is Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur’s Demonstrating God’s Presence In Business. This reading plan provides scripture and guidance for demonstrating God’s presence through the work that you do in business so that others experience an encounter with Him.

Why Did I Lose My Job If God Loves Me

The 5th on this list is Rick Pritikin’s Why Did I Lose My Job If God Loves Me? if you are in the midst of a career transition, chances are that you’re discouraged by the difficulty of finding work. Practical and inspirational, each daily reading will help you find rich personal growth with God

Time Management Principles From God’s Word

The 6th on this list is Jordan Raynor’s Time Management Principles From God’s Word. This plan will expound upon relative Scriptural passages and give you super practical advice for how to make the most of what time you have left in this life and at work!

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